Welcome to Born Aspie World

Born Aspie world is a collaboration with Daniel M Jones from @TheAspieWorld and Born Anxious.

Born Anxious has made a great connection with Dan from @ The Aspie World. He is pioneering in his way as an educator towards inclusion and acceptance for Autism awareness, through his own experiences as an adult on the Autistic spectrum,

Dan has a YouTube Channel and many followers and subscribers across all platforms on social media, Dan is also a very successful writer and musician. He is multi-talented and a great communicator because of his Neurodiversity and ability to think outside the box and articulate this.

The Aspie World and Born Anxious are coming together to celebrate Awareness, Acceptance and Kindness in a limited edition collaboration T-shirt.

For more information about Dan M Jones please read his profile on autism.org.uk by clicking here

About the T-shirt

We have decided to fully collaborate a Born Anxious Design (unpredictable and Amazing) and The Aspie World’s design (Keep Being Awesome) and join in our title Born Aspie World. The t-shirts are a sensory product, organic and label free and donate to our three born anxious chosen charities.

To order a Born Aspie World t-shirt, please follow this link where you can choose your size.