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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Empty by Monday !

Empty by Monday !

Well here it is my second blog, it’s going to lighter than the intro , my thoughts are keep it light through the week, then tell one of our many hilarious tall tales on a sunday , truth is I’m empty after the first blog and I was getting on my own nerves a bit too!  

Monday started ok , I feel absolutely knackered like I’ve been out on the lash all weekend , which is a distant memory by the way , those days are 5 plus years ago no more boogie nights for this one , anyway yeh back to Monday started ok but Oscar must have had a seizure in the night as he had wet through his tena nappy  ( which is almost impossible ) anyway when this happens it’s like he empties its not a normal wee or a leak ,  it’s the size of the mattress!!!!! he was cold and unhappy and being held as far away from me as possible, hard when  he wants a cuddle , I manage to cuddle his top half while holding his legs out until we are downstairs , we can’t change in his room he attack’s me , I must look extra rough in the lighting or something ! 

So we get downstairs usual routine wash change , thats no walk in the park!! he kicks the whole time , his barrier cream is  like paint I avoid getting on my clothes!   And Always do.

He is then ok half dressed and watching his laptop and tv ,while drinking his drink and  medication, we all know to give a wide birth he happily sits wants to be left , 730 am approaches I start to prep to leave by 8am, I always leave a 20 min buffer for unexpected meltdowns, but today  we’re good💙 all ready with all the bags, which are a joke 😂we look like we’re going on holiday  !

Then for some reason, and if I could go back I would punch myself right in the face😂💡 , as we’re leaving I give Oscar his kindle !!!!😱, forgetting that due to a recent update it’s now harder to use, the view has changed , I actually hate them for this! It’s my saving grace when we travel, we have two if one plays up the other is given , it’s all preloaded he can work it , it’s predictable ,now with the update I doubt even Stephen bloody hawking could use it it’s rubbish, he has to scroll down and down then gives up before he’s got to what he wants , I’m literally so annoyed 😑 too many options for an ASD child , too confusing it’s slow too he gives up and bites it as hard as he can.

Anyway I give him the kindle, we’re door ready , but it won’t work!!!! he runs to the door smashes his head hard and falls to the ground to hit head again , this time I catch him he then kicks off because I’ve touched him  , it was everything that you don’t need , upset child that can’t be flexible , won’t wait , anxious, things are not ok with the Prince , an anxious 11 year old fearing he’s going to be late, and I’m just keeping calm calm calm we get into the car finally, I’m singing the happy song , Ipad goes on in the car and we begin our journey I’m now nervous incase there’s traffic as without the kindle car journeys are awful ! 

Im less than confident for Spain  next week now  😱😱😑

I’m now again in the car waiting to collect hoping he’s not still angry .

So cheers Amazon you were less than helpful on the phone , my Prince isn’t happy with you at all, something so minor has such a dramatic effect .

 That was my Monday, I hope the week gets kinder , I’m not sure why I thought a holiday was a good idea 6 mnths  ago when I booked it! 

Many Autism parents travel with their kids, we have done so since oscar was small but it’s getting harder , he will certainly be wearing a born anxious t shirt when we are travelling, I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy!  And I will be wearing the ‘I’m winging it bag ‘ 😂

So that’s Monday I need to get to bed earlier I need more back up power , sleep is key ,I’ve been a bit kind to myself today , still got jobs done but put a few off until tomorrow , usually I slay Monday’s and set myself up for the week but I’ve felt a bit down ,so I’ve took things slow , think I just had a reminder that no matter how his medicine works some days, and you feel your coping and your winning, no matter how good the therapy session is and you feel your improving , deep underneath all of that is the old behaviour and sometimes it shows itself, and oscars not coping anymore , then I feel thankful for the good days and remind myself how hard he has to work to keep a lid on those old reactions and I’m so proud of him , I might be getting kicked in the face at the time but I’m still proud😂

Regression is a huge part of Autism it’s the sad bit , we celebrate the small stuff always💙

School photos ! Haircuts and why I never risk it!

School photos ! Haircuts and why I never risk it!

Throwing back my first ever blog post ,in light of recent coverage and expanding the be kind army💙💙💙

Throwing back my first ever blog post ,in light of recent coverage and expanding the be kind army💙💙💙