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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Pumpkin picking and progression🎃today we have made huge strides all forward 😉💙

Pumpkin picking and progression🎃today we have made huge strides all forward 😉💙

So today I feel Oscar has made a few big strides , which for today and today only I allow myself to enjoy ,because tomorrow we may regress , we don’t always but autism has a funny way of showing you what you could have, then taking it away again, that sounds ridiculous for any non autism parent or caregiver, but those who know, know.

Oscar has made a few big strides in the past using cups ,and stopping some repetitive behaviours but springs back to them ,or regresses further to a worse, less manageable time , I remember recently we had a huge regression for around a week we’re all the really big behaviours came back, totally non compliant, screaming, attacking , super anxious , head banging, self harm ate even less variety , really reverted back to about 18 months old, then he made a huge developmental jump and started talking a few words , it’s hard to know which pathways of the brain are developing I’ve been told the bridges from one skill to another need to be built and that takes time , it’s a huge puzzle with bits missing, we have to manually fill in, then there’s sensory overload , oscars sensory issues lead him in behaviour and in his mood , eating , play , understanding we work extremely hard to regulate Oscar through play , techniques shown to us by his OT  therapist that work , massage, deep pressure he can get so worked up so quickly and if you catch him you can regulate him back to a state if coherence ,Oscar in time will build on his own tolerance and regulation himself, but right now he needs a little help and that’s ok, that’s totally ok, as by working so hard to keep Oscar in that state of ok ,it means we can as a family function , take a trip make some plans, today we planned pumpkin picking at the local farm it was idyllic , little farm lovely vegetable stall , trees decorated,Hay bales to sit on and a huge pumpkin field , you take a wheelbarrow and pick your own then you pay at the end , Oscar managed this very well it was a vast space he had the safety rein on but I didn’t hold it ,I wanted to see what he would do , he didn’t bolt he stayed close and after awhile he even picked one for the barrow , he absolutely loved the vegetable stall as one of his subjects of interest is fruit and vegetables , whenever we go abroad and we visit a supermarket which he’s anti in the UK, but on holiday we have to go to the supermarket and he has to hold and name every fruit and vegetable in the shop , we have now learned to go to the smaller shops , it can be a day out in itself😂in European shops! 

So oscar loves naming all the  vegetables and today we had trouble getting him to the field ,he would have been happy with the stall but once he got going he listened, and walked alongside us amazed by all the 🎃  we collected an entire wheelbarrow full and Oscar was ready to get back into the car, no fuss, no kicking , just happy he had Been at one with the great outdoors , just as I clipped him in he looked at me with his beautiful eyes and in the cutest voice said ‘happymeals mum?’ 

oscar is pre verbal meaning he makes lots of noise but every now and then real words come out, this is growing for Oscar fast , so with such a cute request how could you say no even though he had, had it yesterday! So we drove through it was 11am and we were having lunch , it’s funny with autism an hour out and he’s tired as if you have been out all day , and I just think that’s how hard he is working to keep himself attending , I do keep thinking currently he hadn’t had that many mega wobbles lately I kind of feel I’m either cheating the autism label or I’m owed a massive one!  

When old behaviours go away I kind of miss them! Sounds funny but I kind of expect everything to be hard so when it’s easy I feel uneasy! I also miss some of the noises he used to make he had one for I’m not ok and one for happy , autism owns you and it evolves it gives you a false sense of security almost . 

so today we went to somewhere new outside walked didn’t run and didn’t have safety harness!  👌this was only possible with two adults and a fenced area !

We got back into the car without attacking anyone👍

we ate cooked food that we ordered  using words and ate it  🎉

and tonight he was reading out loud I caught a little in video it’s super cute💙💙💙💙 

we pray for progress then feel like we are cheating, I’ve come to realise autism is a journey it’s not always a struggle , never feel guilty for having an easy day💙🎃🌟

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Holidays/ planning/ prep

Holidays/ planning/ prep

Today we did normal stuff with special people 💙

Today we did normal stuff with special people 💙