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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Why you need to choose your battles carefully, and shed uncesessary stress

Why you need to choose your battles carefully, and shed uncesessary stress

For me personally I’m the queen of letting things mount up stress wise ,then I have a blow out  , things that most parents take for granted even ASD parents sometimes👎🌈 it could be food for instance, it’s literally the hardest thing for me as a mum , my son is a sensory eater ,he’s not actually bothered about food ,everything he puts in his mouth is alien to him you can see him chewing this like it’s a bush tucker trail  , there is some foods he will tolerate and will eat these are dry food not cooked food , it’s a mission in itself to manage medication with a child that will not eat , even the foods he likes! 

Today didnt start well!!  Oscar wouldn’t drink either , we have had this before where he wouldn’t drink for two and a half days it’s such a worry , usually Oscar will wake up and drink a whole bottle this contains his medication, but since being away from home and our routines broken he refuses which isn’t a great start to the day as you know he’s thirsty and hungry but he won’t allow himself to eat it drink and is becoming more and more anxious  .

so today it’s very hot , Oscar finally drank something 🎉later than usual meaning now he has to have 12 hrs between, so will be later to bed , he’s not in the best mood and we have limited sensory distractions around as we are not at home , Oscar refuses food until 1130 so had skipped breakfast but still only ate 5 tuc crackers , so I was stressing out about it as the situation was heading to a meltdown, midtheme park ,and I really didn’t have the mental strength to deal with it! So I took myself out of the situation it sounds harsh but I knew Oscar would calm down and I needed a brain break to reset the tone for the afternoon, so I did exactly that for one hour and it worked , he wasn’t happy about it and he was calling for me but I feel he was with his dad and it’s good for my other children too to see I’m not super human , there are no days off for autism parents , so with this in mind for the future if I feel myself getting overloaded much like Oscar does, I go self regulate , leave Oscar with a safe adult  he knows , and take that time out for myself , it’s so important to get reflection time and share the task together , of irradicating  unneeded stress, you might be causing yourself, that you could just step back 💙

 In my book it’s the brave ones that seek help and support 

its totally ok to hold your hands up and say I need a time out  💙I did today it worked , yes I was guilty for the hour and I felt awful but ,Oscar then ate after this ,and we had a lovely hour or so down at the beach , which he wouldn’t have managed in the earlier mood , it wasn’t working this morning he was picking up on my stress , so I switched it up , identified I needed  time out and I took it , and rather than writing the day off we got past it by taking control of ourselves, which then rubbed off on Oscar ,who will mirror his environment .

Today  was 50/50 for us, we can’t win them all , for me picking my battles is  a big one as , when do you know there just plain old being 5 years  old ??and when do you know there overloaded , it’s a tough call💙🌈

remove any uncsessary stresses when out if you can, and most certainly do not take on any new battles with food or experiences , as the old habits and routines can become new fears and challenges if away from home

today was 50/50 it could have been worse but I changed direction and oscars mood followed suit 💙🌈😁 

i picked my battles carefully  

and I refused stress💙💙

Last day blues

Last day blues

Why we always use reins at the beach🦀🐙🦑

Why we always use reins at the beach🦀🐙🦑