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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Not all parents agree , SEN or not

Not all parents agree , SEN or not

yes all SEN parents share the same worries and woes, and in that we are tied and in an ideal world we would all get along and support each other , but that doesn’t mean we all agree every time , your not given a pass go free card to say what you like to others or judge others , people are not given a personality transplant when there child is diagnosed , human nature is we sometimes disagree it’s ok if your respectful about it , I think most SEN parents are far too busy and focused to be looking for any kind of drama well that’s my circle at least , but every body’s different , people on the outside do not always see how mentally busy we are worrying , planning the future and that’s ok comes with the territory , I’m very careful about the support groups I join online,  as like anything in life you do get people on them that do want to cause trouble, or say silly things or question your comments and to those lovely people🖕🏻 I choose to ignore , it’s tricky ground as your unable to see there situation and you do not know them , and that is why I blog rather than have a presence on chat rooms, I have asked advice before but then I step back , just because whereever  you go you will get a keyboard warrior.

we went out today in the car after 13 days!!!! I felt like a tourist, we drove along the seafront and it hit me how lucky I am to live here  , the sea was like a sheet of glass , so calm and people are out walking all unaware that I was viewing there very same view with such glee , it’s not the nicest place to live but it’s not the worst either , I feel lucky to live in the coast and once oscars fully better we will be making more of where we live, we will get out and explore a bit in the bike trailer , visit the pier get an ice cream , I want my three children to make lots of memories together , that’s quiet hard with their ages Orla’s 16 she’s starting to have her own addenda and that’s fine she’s very involved when she is here and the boys view her as an adult they listen to her and she has a lovely manner about her , my two boys it’s harder as lorcan at 11 needs that one to one and Oscar doesn’t always allow for that I do make sure lorcan has enough time we play board games and talk and drW and go play crazy gold and watch movies and I feel sometimes he’s a bit like an only child as Oscars not needing a brother all the time, thee are glimpses he traps lorcan in the sofa to watch tv fir a few minutes and I can see lorcan loves it , so I hope in time we can find more to do together like that while they are small,  as In my heart I know in time lorcan will become more of a carer for Oscar as the gap could get bigger .

I really feel until you loose what you have you don’t appreciate it freedom wise .

I also relate to elderly people more now I’m an SEN mum as you do get really lonely , much like an elderly  person would I imagine as you have limited resources to socialise And connect to the outside world , so if I see a little OAP I always stop say good morning and check there ok , you never know you may be the only person they talk to all day! I make time to message other SEN mums who MSU be lonely even if I am myself as it takes seconds and it really matters if they are feeling alone it may just help them . 

autism parenting isn’t miserable and I am still enjoying my son growing up , but what it is , is different and he’s living as he knows where as I am adjusting , as I love socialising and I love people , I think that’s what I find hardest to be honest he isn’t ok with visitors really , he won’t let me stop to talk in the street I’m in and out of shops fast , everything’s rushed

BUT  we’re rocking it and he is happy and I think the rest comes in time ,I’m not stressing about it , I’m just aware of it 🌈

its all in the planning  

find out what your ok with and work to achievable goals 

we can find happiness in the irregular choice  

my happiness today was a demand for a bath at lunch time! Weird,  but ok , with glow sticks! Ok then,  he started singing god love his heart , the non verbal child attempts the full version of under the sea from finding nemo! And I just feel he can tackle anything if he is feeling calm enough to cope 💙💙💙my little hero 

its funny how 24 hrs changes everything I was giving up ,and today’s been ok not perfect not 100% back but doable 💙 and I’m in a reflective mood 💙


This can be applied to daddies too or caregivers I’m aware not all mums do it all  

I’m considering running away with the circus

I’m considering running away with the circus

Not going to lie I was losing!!!! Just  for a second!

Not going to lie I was losing!!!! Just for a second!