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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Not going to lie I was losing!!!! Just  for a second!

Not going to lie I was losing!!!! Just for a second!

Let’s face it the best of us parents get a dark day or 12 in my book , I felt unable to blog yesterday as I was really down , there’s no point in blogging butterfly’s and unicorns 🦄 the point of this is real  , show me and what I go through   What Autism presents as within a busy family , I full full assurance that Oscar is fine in himself as he does what the heck he pleases, he is mood lead and if he doesn’t want to do it he won’t ! 

currently Oscar  is screaming but unless he’s starting fires I’m not stepping in 😱yes that’s right I’m at the point of submission, but a change is coming I can feel it , he’s eating more today than he did yesterday, only toast but who cares, I don’t   , Oscar is screaming and trashing his toys if I go near he throws them at me or throws himself on the floor, on top of the toys , he’s being distructive today the poor boy has most likely got cabin fever , I would get him out in the air with a walk but it’s quiet cold and he’s chesty today, after what must have been the end of the germ this morning which presented in the biggest worst nappy of the last ten days , it was actually awful I used awhile packet of wipes! And yes earth mothers that was probably wasteful right? But I think nothing less than a jetwasher would have been sufficient , so I’m hopeful that was the final now ,of officially the worst ten days of illness this child has ever had .

the funny thing is the average parent would view it as , well the child’s poorly stick them on the sofa to sleep it off a few days indoors is fine ! What they don’t realise is most Autistic kids are oblivious there poorly there just massively pissed off and unhappy,They still play they still have meltdowns they just be sick where they stand ! Or attempt to take off a nappy that could end war it’s that bad submission is the only option! 

  There’s only been one time that Oscar lay on our sofa for 5 days straight, which was terrible he had flu following the nose spray last year it was also the first time he had ever actually sat on it!  , he’s not allowed this flu spray  now as it has given him flu twice   , both times he had it, it doesn’t agree with him the doctors have advised not to give it to him , the spray is live the infection is not , myself as a carer get the flu jab I feel it’s right .

im hopefull there is no more illness now this term, as it really did wipe him out , he didn’t eat for ten whole days ! But was super sensitive , wAnted me then didn’t it was very depressing and you realise I’m actually alone and this poo covered monster wants to rip my face off! I’ve had better weeks 😂. 

throughout this I’ve become intolerant to other mums who send there kids to school 12 hrs after sickness, and have been really vocal in my true fashion about this on my social media , personally if there’s a bug in my house I keep my kids off, the germ stays in our house! For me it’s a simple concept !  

Anyway so yes probably annoyed a few people, but there needs to be mum code I feel , not all kids bounce back quickly  .

this will take Oscar weeks to gain his weight and get up to his full dose of epilepsy medication, and it will take weeks for me to get him eating again  

for now if he only ever eats bread again I don’t care , a child that refuses food is terrifying 

I’m going to be posting a bit soon, on how having an autistic sibling affects you, for the good and bad and what my kids thoughts are for the coming years , I feel it’s inportsnt to blog things like this as again there’s no rule book and this is our journey . 

im not feeling the love 360 this week but I will be backfull power next week  

for me it’s vital to say, shit that was hard  , But it’s going to get better and truly belive that, I think honesty  helps me keep the faith.  

by about Wednesday I was losing , then I re set some rules, anything goes as long as he’s as happy as he can be ,and he’s safe that’s what we have to do ,I think keep evaluating it’s never a given with Autism 💙no getting dressed no problem , want every toy you own out all places upside down! No problem , want to wTch the props pig movie back to back for 6 hours! No problem 

im thankful today we found the corner we needed to turn, he’s eating toast and garlic pizza and I’m feeling like a lotto winner 💙 


He’s eating  

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Not all parents agree , SEN or not

Not all parents agree , SEN or not

The worry when he stops eating

The worry when he stops eating