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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

I do have to wonder how all this is going to pan out? 😶

I do have to wonder how all this is going to pan out? 😶

Yesterday was oscars first day back in school , he struggled with transition and had just had four days off not the usual two , he woke Monday morning Being sick having an  absence, he suffers from brain abscences and is waiting a brain scan , the worst one ever which was the last one ,we had to call an ambulance as we couldn’t keep him conscious and he was throwing up grains of blood! Not our best Sunday that one , so it’s being investigated , well this Monday I could see him on the monitor around 540 am sitting up making very strange noises ,when I looked closer he was throwing up , I literally sprinted up the stairs like usain bolt , then entered swiftly but calmly he’s a bit dodgy in the mornings on waking , but I needed to get in there ASAP , he wasn’t ok not himself  at all still puking, I had to take one for the team , kids with Autism are just sick anywhere all over you they just are, I stripped him down wrapped him in a towel and took him downstairs ,he was having an abscence he didn’t know me ,and I could see by his little face he was terrified , in truth so was I !he doesn’t let me that close to him that often so I did really enjoy the time, I kissed him stroked his hair and I didn’t get smacked which was lovely and really rare , so nice to be able to give him a kiss on his little face and tell him I love him, and him not mind 💙

So he took around half an hour to let me go both of us stinking, but he stayed conscious and I was able to go clean up and he sat with his daddy,Oscar literally pinged back to himself drank a whole bottle of juice and ate 8 triangles of toast , his brain had switched back to the Oscar Chanel , very worrying but I monitor them and report to his consultant , but as he had been sick, and I have been really vocal about illness at school as he has caught sick bugs before because some  other mums still send there kids to school before 48 hours have passed , so I had to keep him at home for  48 hours !!!!even though I knew it wasn’t a bug ,he had still been vomiting , so that meant Oscar would begin his week on a Wednesday NOT GOOD!

As let’s be fair he’s confused enough as it is  and I think he’s starting to understand our routine do it’s abummer when it’s disrupted,

But  this morning was very happy to let me dress for school, he ate well got into the car , I did bribe with with his tablet I had too, and as usual I’m  overly confident and things start taking a slide !!! In more ways than one!!!!!

so we’re a bit late, so I take a route that’s more than safe but a bit off track , completely overlooked the fact we had harsh frost !!!!were also heading to higher ground so we left wet on the ground ,but headed into a dusting of snow that was fine but the road I took was thick Ice!!!! my car was sliding ,and I’m not going to lie I was crapping my pants!!

I called the husband ,not sure why!!!! All he says in your in a 4x4 !!!your not going to crash !!! Oh ok that’s ok then thanks for that stay on the phone and you might hear it!!!!

Literally why do men do that!

Anyway I took my time and was relieved to get back on a safer road , Oscar still happy eating away watching his iPad, we arrive at school in good time, I unclip him and as he’s climbing out the car towards me ,as I lift him in that moment he jumps! Smacks his head on the doorframe!!! Now  screaming and our morning all went down the toilet! Snot everywhere!!! wont allow me to wipe it and we enter school looking like we haven’t washed for a week!   

And that’s how week !!!our morning turned around despite the planning ,the prepping, ect and that’s Autism!!!! anything can happen at any time to turn around everything, very quickly ,and that’s why us parents have to have that adaptability to any situation at any time , that’s no mean feat!!!

full respect for other parents who do this everyday with little or no help it can suck, it can suck real bad , I say this not because we begrudge it ,just coz it’s hard, and your only human and it’s forever! 

I’m not sure our path or destination on this journey, but the tour guide has my heart , that’s all I need💙💙 

Anyone else had a (stop the ride I want to get off moment)😶

Anyone else had a (stop the ride I want to get off moment)😶

Spreading kindness and awareness 💙💙💙through our T shirts

Spreading kindness and awareness 💙💙💙through our T shirts