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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

His voice is literally my favourite sound

His voice is literally my favourite sound

In the last few days oscar has started saying more and more only one or two words but always in context   , and I’m excited about it I’m excited that we could be one step closer to tackling some of his frustration, excited for him as it will open a new world for him , his little voice is the best sound I have ever heard .  

I used to fantasise about what his voice would sound like , I used to giggle as I was convinced he would have an American accent purely because of the amount of you tube he watches! And he does repeat some of the videos, but echolialia isn’t the same as him actually thinking about something he wants to say and telling me , which is what he is doing!🎉my child is having thoughts and they are processing into words🎉 and I honestly feel like I’ve won the lottery , when you don’t have something, like a child that speaks you do long for it ,and it’s a distant dream, a vision of something your not sure if you will ever have but  there’s acceptance there , they copy words they hear thats the beginning , but when they actually start communications no matter how small it starts, something in you as there mum and you just can’t stop,because there’s a glimmer there, a spark🌟 the cogs are turning , and I don’t care how limited it is , it’s proof that he can make progress, every session of speech therapy every second of any input is going in he’s processing it ,at his own speed  and it’s just amazing .🌟🌟🌟🌟

I'm under no illusion as an Autism parent, that with each progression brings new challenges, and it’s hardly a bed of roses but we work with what we have , children with Autism that talk are often over looked as less needy, or less in need of therapy or sensory intervention , keeping mindful of that , but in my mind Ive always viewed Oscar as being extremely vulnerable, when I view his whole life  as a whole,as he’s been unable to talk, and just thinking he’s not able to even say no ,and that had placed  him in the most vulnerable category, making choices is something everybody has right to do ,but if you are non verbal it removes your right to do so , or at least restricts you .

so without getting to over confident as regression is always a possibility,  I’m thinking maybe someday, I can reevaluate and consider that maybe in oscars life he will be verbal and be able to make choices, and be able to say no , that isn’t me over looking the fact that he will most likely have speech delay and learning difficulties, and a different level of understanding , but it means he probably won’t have to work so hard and have less frustrations trying to communicate this gives me a new energy .

I remember the first time oscar said a word he looked at me and said pizza! And it was the best noise I have ever heard 💙💙and if he never spoke again, I will still remember this moment ,he  didn’t say anything else for a few months , he then started to hold his hand up and say stop, this was our most used symbol!!!! The stop sign , it makes sense as he was saying it in context he wanted me/ us to stop what we are doing , after this he started to point at the tv to select his programmes and then he started to say the titles , just one or two words ,we did discover Oscar could read at age 3 he could read most three or four letter words , that’s when he started to recite the alphabet he became obsessed with it , he still is , if you start saying the alphabet he will hold his hand up and tell you to stop, as in his mind the alphabet is his , he owns it , it’s predictable and safe,  and he can’t control much , I’m happy to let him have this 💙

There’s  a few sayings Oscar has developed that are consistent , possibly copying  those around him and as I type I’m sure there will be more than I think there is .

Here they  are  💙💙🌟

oh no that’s silly( in context when he doesn’t want to play ball) 

bannow ( get out) right now ( said to the dogs when they enter the lounge)  

no frogs( no thanks)  

thomas go this way( when he wants to change this direction)  

so much so so much ( while stroking hair, affectionate term)  

ugga mugga ( I love you , taken from a tv programme the tigers mum says I love you Daniel and he says ugga mugga❤️)  

oscar says many more adorable things like when I take him to the hospital he says friends .  

Oscar can engineer situations that he finds comfortable with he will steer you in his direction, and charm you with his adorable voice that has tone, if he’s cross and he will spit venom at you, if he is  anxious and something goes wrong , other times he will shout instructions you are giving him back at you ,if he’s feeling overwhelmed and sometimes he will sing to himself in the sweetest voice you have ever heard, and he is in  a joyous state which is so innocent and pure , he will hold his hands in the air and say happiness💙 

to be continued ............ 

Chicken nuggets will do

Chicken nuggets will do

So surreal to be able to accept invitations to birthday parties

So surreal to be able to accept invitations to birthday parties