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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

April is world awareness month, #oscarschallenge

April is world awareness month, #oscarschallenge

April is upon us and it’s world Autism awareness month, with 2nd April being Autism awareness day .

#oscarschallenge is an online challenge to bring more Autism awareness this April and for the future , Oscar will share his story with you while challenging you to learn something new about Autism throughout April and every month after .

Oscar inspired bornanxious which is more than just organic label free clothing it’s an Awareness movement and our followers are growing💙

 I’m really motivated more than ever to bust myths about Autism ,  Learn more myself as his caregiver and advocate and share this through  #oscars challenge .

Just last week in a class outing, we experienced someone being apologetically ignorant about Autism awareness, and it just proves that there is still , lack of understanding and fear when it comes to inclusion for Autism and special needs, which is why our be kind message must be heard and spread around the world through our awareness t shirts and bags .

Oscars story  

Oscar was born full term and presented as a typically developing baby that disliked fuss , towards meeting his milestones a little were slow ,he didn’t clap, wave , wasn’t very vocal or really crave any attention, but yet he was happy and ate well in early stages , Oscar had a nasty headbang at 9 mths old ,which I’m not ready to blog about, due to trauma reliving it sorry I’m just not ready ,but the result was he was unconscious for 45 minutes! Following this he was checked in hospital in France ,and was treated for concussion , as we approached his first birthday there was a noticeable change in oscar , he held even less eye contact and would become absent this was noted , he then failed his one year check we raised our concerns not really thinking that anything would come of it , Oscar was referred around 14 mths for a peadiatric assessment we just went along with it thinking we were going through the motions , I was convinced he was just a lazy third baby , after the first appointment the consultant noted a few red flags in the markets for Autism ,and wanted to see us again in 6 mths  , she arranged an MRI Scan for Oscar, and his blood genetics to be tested and his hearing screening again, as we were told he possibly could be deaf , as at this point he really was regressing and not responding to any vocal prompts, at points I felt like he was disappearing ,getting harder and harder to react , he had lost interest in the world , food, he had cut everything he used to eat out, he had stopped drinking from a cup and didn’t play , I didn’t really know what the issue was, but I had this awful feeling in my gut that he may have Autism, having worked with children with neurological disorders for me as his mum I think I knew .

Oscar was diagnosed with Autism in June 2015 and his assessment continued , Oscar continued to regress and fail to reach more milestones through the corse of that year, and was later diagnosed with anxiety and with more and more absent episodes happening exploration began and continues to for epilepsy , Oscar is a happy 5 year old boy who struggles emotionally and struggles to communicate with the world, this can present in behaviours that are unpredictable and equally amazing , we work very hard to keep oscar regulated and achieving, and he’s doing amazingly well , everything is harder for Autistic children and young people, and if we can relive this for Oscar and others in any way, by changing perseption and reaction to Autism awareness and encourage flexible thinking it can only ever be a good thing . 

I was told to think about Autism as an iceberg what you see on the surface really is just the tip , and as Autistic people grow and mature they will adapt and regulate more and more , however the difficulty is still there but the control is better  , so for me if oscars having a really really good spell of behaviour, it's evidence for me as his mum that we are helping him keep himself well regulated ,and when he’s not managing so well I can adapt the environment to help ease things for him . 

So April is awareness month with 2nd April being awareness day .

# oscars challenge

oscar is challenging you to learn more about Autism and through the blog we will be sharing stories about Autism ,and busting  a few myths, plus giving  you more insight into our daily lives as special needs parents , the most rewarding challenging job on the planet  

we will also be sharing the joy of Autism 💙 

Get your be kind t shirt in link below

Autism facts  , check out this video

Oscar loves the rainbow windmill very sensory for him 💙💙💙💙

Let’s bust a few myths about Autism 🧐

Let’s bust a few myths about Autism 🧐

Be kind was my first T shirt design, and the main ingredient , to born anxious

Be kind was my first T shirt design, and the main ingredient , to born anxious