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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Let’s bust a few myths about Autism 🧐

Let’s bust a few myths about Autism 🧐

Autism is a neurological disorder with no known cause except it’s  possibly genetic ,but in some cases such as ours you have the genetic testing done and there are no answers still, that’s the thing with Autism you have to face and accept the unknown, and you learn to work with what you have and make the most of every opportunity you can to learn , whilst that window of attention is open, knowing full well your child may entertain the idea  for a short while, or set time scale, but equally they can dismiss you.

My child in particular is very mood lead, if he isn’t feeling it, theres  nothing you can do to encourage him to negotiate yet, he seeks sensory feedback from the world around him, and if he is stressed will crash into things and stomp around, and throw him self around he is extremely sensitive and unable to regulate his emotions , his anxiety level controls everything we do,and although he isn’t using words he is still communicating with us about how he is feeling and how he is managing .🌈

There are many myths about Autism and things people say usually out of pity , without being rude now, upon meeting someone for the first time if I feel there is reason to inform someone my child has Autism , perhaps we are out and Oscar has swooped in for a cheeky boob grab with a stranger 😂,and I feel I need to apologies for that or explain, for some reason people feel the need to tell you about someone they know who has Autism , it’s almost an ice breaker!  There is no value in saying ‘oh my cousins , brothers sons neighbour has that!’it’s just awkward , my son has Autism , I’m in no way an expert not at all, and Autism parents only need support , not fables , it’s just not helpful , sorry if that offends anyone but I don’t feel I need to explain my child’s behaviour to make grown  adults feel better.

when necessary I explain yes but other than that, he is my priority , it’s the staring that hurts most , this doesn’t happen very often at all now, I do feel Autism acceptance is growing 💙if we are going somewhere formal or busy I will put an awareness t shirt on him just to allow people to make adaptations and give him some space he needs to feel calm in that situation .🌈

 So to keep things real in my true style, I’m going to bust some myths about Autism over the next few blogs ,based on my research as I truly am still learning myself . 💙

So here goes 

Autism is life long , Ive heard a few times that people have known others to have had it when younger but not now ! Autism is life long FACT! wether they appear to be coping better as adults is another matter , it doesn’t mean they are cured . 🌟

Not everyone who has Autism has a super power, or super memory, or super intelligent  each Autistic person is unique with differeing strengths and weaknesses , there are people who have Savant syndrome which is extremely rare, and this can be viewed as a super intelligence ,or an ability to speak languages or read music without being taught this is a thing, but not all Autistic people  are Rainman , Rainman was a film the syndrome does exists but not present in every case of Autism . 💙

Third and final myth of this blog  🌟

Autism only affects children? The truth here is some people may have been undiagnosed due to Age, Autism research has grown and grown since the 1940s , Autism diagnosis has increased by 600% in the last 20 years 😶but it is by no means an epidemic, contarary to some believing so , Autistic children grow into Autistic adults, FACT and there is no evidence that vaccine causes Autism, it is a brain development disorder that can often have co-concurring Gut disorders, food disorders   , epilepsy and others .

Autism awareness is growing throughout the world, and the research will continue, and more and more children will be assessed, and diagnosed continually ,and that’s amazing as early intervention is key, not for cure but to identify individual needs of young people with Autism to identify therapies, to aid their learning  , maximise there potential and emotional well-being, and support their families on the amazing journey they will be taking .🌟

 As a family and for me personally as Oscars mum ,I feel we have benefitted enormously from early diagnosis and intervention through early years support, and have been able to successfully seek therapy for speech and occupational therapy that have accelerated his ability to communicate , socialise and attend school ,all things that will imprint on his life , we feel extremely lucky and certainly not isolated at all which is the reality for some Autism parents , that is why through born anxious we are saying ,tool up emotionally, join our army ,we all support one another it really is that simple 💙


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People staring hurts the most 😞

People staring hurts the most 😞

April is world awareness month, #oscarschallenge

April is world awareness month, #oscarschallenge