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Born Anxious is a homegrown clothing label with two objectives, to make the clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly, and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver as well when required. As an autism mum myself, I have thought about what could help me and other caregivers whilst trying to be as generic as possible within the designs, alongside giving those the opportunity to personalise their products as well.

Simple days, turn out to be the best ones☀️

Simple days, turn out to be the best ones☀️

Although short breaks are lovely , days out too, you end up packing the same amount I feel as if your leaving overnight!!! Planning for every scenario, over planning possibly , because a full on Autistic meltdown carries anxiety for me ,if it’s in public because Oscar totally looses it and he’s so loud ,  So we plan ahead make a social story , pack a to do bag for the car , a fully charged kindle tablet and a spare , snacks, drinks , comforts! That’s just for the journey !!!! As were at an age where everything is no ,his anxiety about doing things is huge ,everything is no, you have to slide everything in sideways , he’s busy on his tablet then, oh look where  inside the zoo! Kind of thing .🌟sometimes less is more, no hype just be doing it .

My approach is partly because once he is over the anxiety of going somewhere new, he usually enjoys it , we use social stories on the way with no words just to look at ,there just to plant the idea of that trip, but in all honesty, if he decides no he’s not going, then that’s it , he’s not in the mindset to enjoy himself and he will kick off and scream all day ,which ruins things for the other children , and it’s all fear, he’s fine if you can occupy him for the first part .🎉

We have recently been to Disney land Paris , Oscar loves it there, and has been around 6 times😶 , each day he wants to begin with small world ride, then he’s happy to explore others and again on way home, the small world ride, we find this is easy to do this, he enjoys the ride and he’s happy for the rest of the day , we have to check before we book Disney that the ride is open, as he wouldn’t understand if it was closed , we would postpone the trip I think , just because he loves it so much . 

This weekend was bank holiday Oscar woke Sunday in a terrible mood ! As if to say ‘why am I not at Disney! He refused to get dressed until lunchtime and even that was a struggle!!!! he wouldn’t even go in the garden he was doing an audit of his books, he totally refused to go anywhere , a  meal next door at Nana’s with family which he usually loves, he just wasn’t feeling it so we decided to take the dinner in shifts, and leave oscar in his safe space  , to be honest he still wasn’t that happy at home, We decided to get his bouncy castle out as the weather was good and invite everyone to ours for dessert, as we had a birthday to celebrate ( another love of oscars ) and he was very happy to be having cake and candles and singing ,he ended up playing in the garden all afternoon on the castle and interacting with everyone , he was totally relaxed and loved it , I put him to bed singing and happy which is great as he hadn’t been out all day. 

Planning ahead on Sunday evening I thought, we must plan for Monday get up and out, otherwise it would be another day at home,if you don’t get oscar dressed and ready to go by 9 am on non school days you have lost!

So it was bank holiday, but I was up at 6 am ready to wake oscar at usual time of school days at 715 am ,I thought it’s good to get the routine back in place before the real thing! Which I was dreading, as oscar has been sleeping in until well after 8 ,which is good in some ways, but in others it means he hasn’t been up dressed or ready for the world until gone 10 am, his medication takes a while to work, so Monday he was woken but to my surprise he was 😃, we continued his usual routine and got him medicated ( epilepsy and extreme anxiety)and dressed bags packed on the side, his visual clue👌 we were going out , he happily played until we went , we took a beach walk to the pier ,where they had a petting zoo, chics, ducks, tortoise and lambs , Oscar loved this he touched each animal I was readily waiting with the hand gel 😂and just so thankful he didn’t squeeze any animals to death!

A very simple day spent on our doorstep 😃afternoon spent at home, more bouncy castle and a BBQ with family who visited ,and I thought to myself , the simple days are the best ones, oscar felt in control , he was happy with the tempo, we spent some time as a family of 5 with extended family but it wasn’t hectic , Oscar was very comfortable with his three Aunties and cousins .

sometimes I think enjoying what’s on your doorstep is the way to go for us ,it’s measurable for Oscar and familiar and predictable and for us it’s all the freedom we needed 💙🌟🌈😃

I was also super happy oscar got to see the lambs we had missed local lambing days , the two we saw had been rescued as the mum had 4 babies but they only have two teats ! This I did not know😂, I really wanted oscar to see the lambs as he loves sheep and I hit a lovely picture too( happy mummy)❤️❤️🌟

Since being diagnosed as an Autism parent, I’ve become a really crappy friend

Since being diagnosed as an Autism parent, I’ve become a really crappy friend

Refusing judgement

Refusing judgement