Charities That We Support
Born Anxious donates 10% of all sales of products sold to the charities below.


Portage is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional needs. Portage supports each child through planned play activities, using small achievable steps linked to the child’s interest and development

Portage Home Visitors organise weekly Drop in and Play groups at locations across Kent, so that Families have the opportunity to meet while the children are able to socialise and generalise skills developed at home.

Portage visits are weekly or fortnightly in the child’s home, play activities are left each visit for the family to practice, at the next visit the activities are reviewed to see how the child has responded and achievements celebrated.

Activities are linked to the long term aims that are planned with families using the Kent Portage checklist. Portage home visitors work in partnership with families, Portage recognises that parents are the best people to teach their child and so relies on parental involvement in both the planning and carrying out of the child's learning development goals and activities

Portage offers a carefully structured but flexible approach to help parents become effective teachers of their own children.


SNAAP is unique: there are no other local organisations which provide the extensive range of services to children with every kind of disability, aged from 0-25 years, in partnership with parents. The focus of the services is upon all of the child's needs including educational, social, developmental and emotional. We focus upon the whole family and not just on the child with disabilities.

The project was started in 2003 by a group of parents who wanted to make a difference and realised that they were not alone in feeling isolated and frustrated. With the help of Contact a Family, who carried out a consultation that highlighted a lack of support and information and also very little leisure opportunities for disabled children, SNAAP was born. Our Manager, Carrie Wood, is one of those founding members and helped make SNAAP the amazing charity that it is today.

As a needs-led organisation, we listen to our families and our services are developed to meet those needs.

At the heart of SNAAP lies our fundamental belief in informed parental choice, empowering parents to access the very best services and support to ensure that their children achieve their goals in life.

Life is a fight, SNAAP takes away that fight” - Parent


The Kent Autistic Trust has been providing support for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other associated difficulties since 1989, supporting people who have significant behavior, developmental and communication needs within various community settings including: registered homes, specialist and intensive supported living, community day resource centres, respite Family Support and support groups. 


The Charity has a passion for people on the spectrum and prides itself in achieving a Care Quality Commission rating of 40% of our service OUTSTANDING with the remaining services GOOD, this means that our passion and drive to continuously strive to excel has been recognized formally.  


We offer individual, tailor made, person centred, solutions of support for adults through our living and day vocational and life skill services. Our team has a wide range of expertise and we provide consultancy services that aim to empower individuals with autism through providing specialist assessments and training for the people who work with or support them.


Our Family Support Service offers advice and information for individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, carers and the people who work with them. Click here to view Family Support.